08 Mar. 19

Why is the Water Pressure in my House Weak Now? Could it Be a Leak?

Why is the Water Pressure in my House Weak Now? Could it Be a Leak?

Home water pressure is one of those things you don’t really think about, until you start to lose it. While experiencing lowering or fluctuating water pressure can be a major annoyance for you and your family, the reality is it might be an indicator of a much deeper problem with the plumbing in your home.

When you start thinking about the problems that could occur, leaks and leaky pipes are at the top of the list. With leaking pipes, water pressure is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential problems and damage that could happen to your home as a result. Identifying the issue of your low water pressure is an important first step in ensuring your home doesn’t fall prey to a potential leaking pipe disaster.

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Failing Water Fixtures

If the water pressure is centered in one area of the home, the first place you should focus your search on your fixtures and faucets. Over time showerheads and faucets can get clogged by minerals in the water, rust and even dirt. This can severely impact your water flow, not to mention reduce the quality of your water.

If you’ve experienced leak detection through a clogged or damaged fixture, you can opt to clean it thoroughly or simply replace it. However, if your problem with water pressure seems to be more widespread, it is likely another issue is at work in your plumbing system.

Pressure Regulator Issues or Water Valve Settings

Many plumbing systems are equipped with pressure regulators to manage water flow. If you are experiencing weak water pressure, or maybe the alternative, you may have an issue with your pressure regulator. You may also want to check your water meter to ensure your water valve is turned completely on.

Leaking Pipes

If the weak water pressure doesn’t seem to get any better despite looking into the previously mentioned issues, then you may need to look deeper into your plumbing system— more specifically you need to look at your pipes. If they are damaged, leaky, or corroded not only can if affect your water pressure, but it can also impact your home in many negative ways. The problem is, it can be hard to see your pipes, as the majority of your plumbing system is in your foundation and walls.

That is why, if you suspect leaking pipes don’t waste time, call in a professional to accurately locate the leak right away. Leaky pipes can cause a lot more damage in your home than just weak water pressure, including water damage and mold, issues you want to avoid at all costs.

I think I Have a Leak, What Do I Do?

Check Your Leak Indicator

First, make sure that no water is being used anywhere around your home. Your water meter, in most cases, will have a leak indicator. This can look like a dial or a wheel and it is designed to move when water is flowing through it. If the indicator is moving, you may have a leak.

Take a Meter Reading

Take a look at your meter and make note. Wait 1 to 2 hours and then take the reading again, ensuring that you did not use water during this time period. If there is a change in the reading, it is likely that you will need leak detection services.

Locating the Leak

If it appears like you may have a leak, or a deeper problem contributing to your water pressure, it never hurts to call out the Hero. Living with weak water pressure is no fun for anyone, and even worse it can be indicative of a major plumbing problem. The professionals at Florida LeakHero can locate the leak so you can go back to living a normal life– with normal water pressure, as soon as possible.

If you believe you have a leak, contact Florida LeakHero for all of your leak detection needs.

Why is the Water Pressure in my House Weak Now? Could it Be a Leak?