Do It Yourself

DIY Leak Detection

Why you should check

Do it your self leak detection can be an easy way to determine if you need help. Water leaks can lead to costly damage to your home, health problems, and unwanted headaches. While some leaks are obvious like a dripping faucet, many leaks go undetected as they are not visible. You could be losing up to 20,000 gallons of water a year without seeing immediate damage to your property. There are some clues that you may have a water leak that you can look for and test yourself.

High water bill

A high water bill is the largest indicator of a possible leak. Follow these steps, and if you suspect a leak, give us a call.

  • Check your water meter to see if water is passing through.  Make sure to turn off all water sources in your home before checking.
  • If water is moving, turn off your toilets and re-check the meter to see if it stops.
  • Be sure to walk around outside and check all the hose bibs in order to make sure one isn’t running.
  • Pool autofills should be checked to make sure they’re not running as well.

Irrigation Checks

A functioning irrigation system helps keep your lawn looking green all year long. However, unlike your other plumbing systems, your irrigation is exposed to weather, heat, and other natural forces. Whether it’s because of high winds or a lawnmower knocking a valve, your irrigation system is susceptible to breaks and leaks.

You may have an irrigation leak if you notice any of these problems:

  • Parts of your lawn start to brown or appear to be dying.
  • If your water bill has increased and you haven’t changed your lawn care routine.
  • Wet and soggy spots on your lawn.
  • Did a pipe burst? Do you have a broken valve? If you see a sprinkler shooting water like a fountain, it means you have a problem. Similarly, if your control valves are constantly dripping, you have a leak problem.

Check your system to see if there are any broken heads. Then check if your system is set for too much time or for too many days. If you follow these steps and suspect a leak, call Florida LeakHero. We are Florida’s # 1 most trusted Leak Detectors!