07 Jun. 19

There’s Staining on my Dry Wall, Do I Have a Leak?

Staining on your drywall can be the sign of a problem that’s more than just cosmetic. Are you worried that staining on your drywall could be a deeper problem? Here are some of the things to think about when you discover discoloration on your walls and ceilings and how to be aware of the signs that you might have a leak.

Different Types Of Drywall Stains

It’s worth noting that there are various different types of drywall stains. Not all of these are caused by a leak. You need to recognize the signs and the look of these types of stains.

It is possible that your issue is caused by condensation. Condensation in a room like a bathroom or a kitchen can cause orange, yellow marks on the wall. This will not be due to a leak and will typically only form at cold spots. This won’t usually be confined to one place and it’s also possible that mold and mildew will start to grow here.
Animal Mess
If you notice dark colored residue on your drywall, it’s possible that this has been left by a rodent. You may have an infestation and this will typically be dotted across the wall in black brown smudges. A pet can even cause a stain on your drywall simply by leaning on it in the same place consistently.
If you notice dark mold that looks black on your drywall, this could be a sign of a leak inside the wall. However, in most cases you probably will notice the signs of water damage first. This can start with bubbling on the wall and eventually form a dark brown yellow mark. The wall will feel damp to touch and if left untreated the mark will grow over time. You will also often find that the surface is raised due to the build-up of water.

Potential Signs Of A Leak

Aside from a stain on the wall, there are various signs of a leak. You might find that you have a higher water bill with water essentially draining away. It’s also possible that you can hear the water running through the leak and you might find that there is a damp patch on the wall, ceiling or even the carpet. If you notice a sign like this, you should contact an expert immediately to identify the issue and ensure that it is resolved.

What To Do If You Think You Have A Leak

Whether you’re purchasing a new fixer-upper or fixing your existing home, there are a number of steps that you should take to avoid a leak situation from getting worse.

First, make sure that you turn off the water. This stops the flow of water and minimizes the damage you incur. You should do this as soon as you identify the issue to avoid further issues.

Next, you need to address where the leak is. You won’t be able to fix the problem unless you find the source of the leak and for this, you need a leak locator. Leak locators like Florida LeakHero can use specialized equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the leak down to the nearest millimeter. To save time and money, speed is key– so if you suspect a leak call Florida LeakHero and we will find the leak and help you find the solutions to solve your water damage issues quickly.

If you believe you have a leak, contact Florida LeakHero for all of your leak detection needs.

There’s Staining on my Dry Wall, Do I Have a Leak?