19 Dec. 16

Jonathan Doucet

Long story short: Pipe under slab sprung a leak. I called plumbing company, that I won’t throw under the bus here, and they sent out a technician to come out and tell me I had a leak and charged me $200. Then sent another one out a couple days later and I asked if I should have a leak detection company come first as that is normal practice and he said no, that they have their own equipment. 7 hours of searching and putting hole after hole in my slab and they could not locate the leak.. They charged me $680 and never even found the leak and left my floors and house a disaster. Called Florida LeakPros immediately after they left and scheduled an appointment for the following morning. Within 30 minutes, Jer found the leak and offered to jackhammer and expose it because I filled him in on the prior day that I had. $375 and he did in less than an hour what the previous company couldnt do in 7 hours at a fraction of the cost. He was extremely professional and explained everything to me perfectly.

I HIGHLY recommend using Florida LeakPros before letting any plumbing company do it themselves. If you happen to get Jer as I did, expect nothing but the best! He truly saved my girlfriend and me from having a mental breakdown! Lol

Thank you!!!