09 Jul. 19

My Yard is Wet: Is it A Sprinkler Leak or a Sewage Leak?

If your lawn is wetter than it should be, this may be a sign of a leak. The source could be a sprinkler leak or a sewage leak, either or which could have serious consequences for your property. (Not to mention the environmental consequences of water leaks in Florida.)

What is a sewage leak?

A sewage leak usually comes with the tell-tale odor of sewage and unusually lush greenery around the leak location. You may also notice bubbling sounds issuing from your toilet, indicating that your pipes may be clogged. Sewage leaks are fairly common because tree roots find their way into the pipe over time. The expansion of the root causes the pipe to perish and eventually break apart.

What is a sprinkler or irrigation leak?

If you suspect a leak in your sprinkler or irrigation system, check for flooding in the area surrounding the base of your sprinkler or the water spurts between multiple sprinklers. Shut off the water in your home at the stop-tap, then check your water meter. If you notice that water is still flowing, there may be a leak between the stop-tap and the irrigation valve. If the irrigation valve is malfunctioning, this could also cause a leak. Check where the nozzle is attached at the base of your sprinkler, and where the riser connects to the supply line beneath. Spurts of water suggest that the seal is broken, causing the leak.

What to do if you have a sewage leak, a sprinkler leak or an irrigation leak?

If you notice either a sewage leak or an irrigation leak in your yard, calling in professional leak detectors is the most convenient and cost-effective course of action. Florida LeakHero will ensure that the appropriate repair is undertaken as fast as possible, helping you avoid serious and lasting damage to your home.

My Yard is Wet: Is it A Sprinkler Leak or a Sewage Leak?