29 Mar. 19

Headed Up North? Prevent Leaks and Water Damage by Preparing Your Home For a Long Absence

Florida is unique to the other states—and as a result a large number of residents opt to migrate to cooler places in the summer. Are you headed back north for the season? Here’s some professional tips to prepare your Florida home for your absence during the summer months.

Exterior Home Preparation

Hurricane Shutters

If you have hurricane shutters, utilize them during your absence. This can protect your windows from most anything the weather will throw at them throughout the summer.

Check Sprinklers

Test your sprinkler systems before you leave. Check all your sprinkler heads to ensure they are functioning properly and not spraying your home.

Test Pool Equipment

Ensure that your pool auto fill is working and that all your pool equipment is functioning as it should. Check for any leaks and address these issues accordingly.

Fill Stucco Cracks

Make sure you check for any stucco cracks, and properly fill and paint them to ensure no water intrusion takes place during the rainy season.

Check Your Roof

If you have an older roof have it looked over by a roofer to ensure no missing tiles or shingles before the rainy season that can cause leaks or water damage.

Trim Trees

Before you leave, make sure that you cut your trees back if needed. If they are getting close to your roof or home structure, you will be able to cut them back if prepare your home for your absence.

Interior Home Preparation

Check on Washing Machine

Replace old washing machine hoses to avoid an unexpected leak while you are gone.

Service You’re A/C

Even though you will be gone, this is an excellent time to have you’re A/C unit serviced and the drain line cleaned.

Turn off Your Ice Maker

Turn off your ice maker lines to ensure unnecessary water isn’t getting through.

Set the Temperature

Make sure you’re A/C is kept at 78 or below to help with humidity.

Sign Up for Home Watch

Work with a professional home watch service to check on your home or condo frequently while you’re away.

Turn off Water at the Source

Turn off all incoming water sources at the main and bleed out the pressure in the lines.

Lock up Doors and Windows

Check and lock all windows, even if you have shutters in place, just to be secure.

Engage Alarm

Don’t just set your alarm and leave, make sure you test your alarm to ensure it will function properly while you are away.

Following these tips can help prevent unforeseen disasters—especially those unexpected issues with water damage and leaks. Addressing these potential issues can help prevent leaks in your home or condo and ultimately keep mold from growing and other water damage from affecting your home.

Working with a home watch professional will give you an added layer of protection, as they can usually act quickly if something arises like a failing A/C unit or a leak from a condo above or adjoining. Planning and prevention can save you time and more importantly, money when it is done properly.

If you believe you have a leak, contact Florida LeakHero for all of your leak detection needs.

Headed Up North? Prevent Leaks and Water Damage by Preparing Your Home For a Long Absence